OKS Global Wellness, Inc. The Newest Monoline (P988) -Auto Upgrade to Binary (P3,750 entry) Program


OKS Global Wellness, Inc. The Newest Monoline (P988) -Auto Upgrade to Binary (P3,750 entry) Program

  1. How to Earn Guaranteed Income the Easy Way?

    Step1) Purchase 3head @ P2,964 (3 heads account)

    Step2) Wait to Earn P600 daily max. guaranteed Income (12cycles/day x P50/cycle) 

    (even w/o selling/recruitment) over and over again

     + P300 max/day leadership bonus = P900/day total max income x 30days = P27,000/month


    OR Purchase 1account @ P998 and Get 2Directly referred Downline to do the same then wait to earn over and over again.

     Max.7heads/name = P54,000/month Guaranteed Monoline Income (even w/o selling/recruiting).. OKEY? :)

  2. Optional: ( Money Work's For You )

    Start Earning Php600 - daily for 30days

    >Per account required 2-direct to active your daily income


    P2,964 (3heads)...........................600php-daily

    P6,916 (7heads)...........................1,800php-daily

    P14,820 (15heads).......................4,200php-daily

    P30,628 (31heads).......................9,000php-daily

    P62,240 (63heads).......................18,600php-daily


    Friday ( encash request )


    Wednesday ( Pay-out Release )




  3. Compensation Plan Summary:

    P998 entry (monoline) – Earn guaranteed P600/day max + P300/day max. Leadership Bonus (5levels)

    (30% auto deduct for binary entry-follow your upline system)

    P3,750 (binary entry) Direct Ref. P950 (P200cash+P750 product)

    + Earn P750/pair x 24pairs (1:1) 1st-63rd pair,

    P1000/pair (64th pair-infinity, 1:2 ratio)

    = P28,000 max.income per account

    Plus Earn with our 10level Indirect referral + 14level Unilevel.....

    Max.7 heads/name = P840,000/mo. Per account Binary Income 

    Earn simultaneously with Monoline+ Binary with the same effort = DOUBLE POWER!

    Position by now for you to Earn in all the accounts that will be encoded under you by the MONOLINE system! Lets Meet For Payment

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  1. 1. How to be a member.?

    -PM me. txt or call at 09061706163 / 09127118201


  2. Panu ako mag-jojoin kung malayo ako sa manila ?

    -Kung may relatives k, friend etc, near metro manila or malapit d2 s cubao mas mainam na sila ang pumunta s office para mapaliwanag ang business and also how to earn

     -Pwede magpadala or deposit to my Bank account para ako nlang ang mag-pamember sau, fill up the form online or email your details.


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    If this is your first time here, we have prepared a simple guidelines for you to join and register or login as member.


    First, you need to look for the "Sign Up Now or Members Lounge" tab to enter into the members lounge, see the picture below;

    then a new window will appear;


    fill up the information in the "Form" and click "Sign Up" if you are to register as new member, or simply key-in your username and password at the upper right portion of the window if you are to login as member.


    That's how simple our system is, happy OKS business with you :)

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